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Feeling breathless? Measured your SpO2 level with new government provided Temasek Oximeter and realised it is below normal levels (<92%)?

Watch your SpO2 level rise back up to natural and comfortable levels as you take 3-5 deep breaths of Boost Oxygen and find relief with fresh supplementary 95% oxygen.

Each 9 litre of compressed oxygen can last approximately 200 One-Second inhalations.
100% natural Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm

1, 2, 4, 6


Large 9L, Medium 5L

3 reviews for Boost Oxygen Natural

  1. Jessica

    I love the rosemary scent of Think Tank. I am a mom of three young children who often relies on coffee to get me through the afternoon. Using Boost Oxygen has helped me feel more awake and alert in the afternoon without needing extra cup of coffee. Our son has also been complaining of headaches and we had him try Boost. He said that it did help his headache go away more quickly.

  2. M.Mcintosh

    Yes! It works! Most people judging from the average review are not using this stuff at altitude, rather at much lower elevations where honestly I was unable to discern a difference either.

    Where this product shines is at higher elevations where air is thinner. You’re not going to scale Everest with this, but it will help you catch your breath at 13,000 feet!

  3. Jflyer

    I was very skeptical about the Boost oxygen until I put it to task. When I first received the product I was sitting at my computer, gave it a couple of blasts and sat there waiting for something to happen, didn’t feel a thing. Later that evening I was getting sleepy and tried it again, it worked, no trouble staying awake until bedtime. This morning I tried some again before starting some projects in the garage, that’s when I really saw a big difference once I got active and using my muscles. Now, I get it! I’m in my early seventies and this was a help to me.

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